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About AISA

Artificial intelligence and high-speed wireless communications (5G) are key technologies in the ongoing industrial revolution. The AISA (AI-based Situational Awareness) project strengthens the ability of Finnish industrial companies and research institutes to apply these technologies at the forefront.

The utilization of situational awareness created by artificial intelligence and versatile sensing is central to AISA. Of the sensor technologies, the focus is especially on the processing of video, image and audio data streams using modern machine learning methods. The response time requirements for industrial applications are critical and leveraging new edge computing and 5G solutions is important.

AISA is a three-year Veturi project led by Nokia ending in 31 December 2024. The partners are Nokia Technologies, Valmet Automation, Mirka, Insta, Top Data Science, Verne Global and the University of Tampere. The project is coordinated by DIMECC. The total budget of the project is 12.9 million euros, and it is financed by Business Finland and the participating companies.