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Insta: An asset collection that takes businesses towards data-based leadership

Insta is a front runner in the fields of industry, defence, software consulting and cyber security aiming to create a secure and sustainable future. By combining the state-of-the-art know-how with intelligent technology, Insta improves its customers’ safety and performance in a digitalizing world that is changing at an increasing pace.

In AISA, Insta researches, develops, and pilots a modular, secured, multi-layered, and data-based asset collection. The aim is to support daily operational and managerial work in various applications and sectors, for example in the context of industrial companies. The solution is scalable as well as reusable. It includes the following layers: integrations, data storage, data modelling, analytics, and visualization.

User-friendly but intelligent

A key feature in Insta’s solution is that the customer can manage, modify, and update the solution without in-depth IT knowledge. Hence, it will lower the threshold of adapting the data-based leadership and operating in practice, and therefore advances the use of data to improve business in many ways.

Insta’s solution will also include intelligent components and the integrability to an external intelligent component. Furthermore, the results can be shown to the users via centralized situational awareness view. Since the intelligence can be distributed in many forms, like in the form of machine learning or smart metadata management, in the heart of intelligence is a configurator, which is used for managing the distributed intelligence. During the AISA project, Insta also examines how to increase the level of autonomy in the solution towards self-learning and self-adjusting.

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