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Mirka: Using data to develop new and more sustainable business models

Mirka is a world leader in surface finishing technology offering a broad range of sanding solutions for the surface finishing and precision industry. Mirka’s sanding and polishing products, as well as innovative tools with digital services and connectivity, deliver benefits to customers in terms of speed, efficiency, surface finishing quality, and cost effectiveness.

Mirka wishes to implement and elaborate the potential of AI, ML, visual and acoustic analytics, and the knowledge within these areas available and achieved in the AISA ecosystem. The aim is to develop and manufacture innovatively designed and optimized customer solutions. The main focus is on surface finishing processes of car manufacturing and refinishing industry, but also in other sectors such as the construction and decoration. The future potential is in the growing segment of industry and precision industries.

From consumables to solutions

Mirka’s goal is to fulfill the very essence of Industry 4.0 throughout the whole value chain by collecting and making use of the available data in processes, bringing process stability, process automation, better results, more resource efficiency, and business growth. Mirka’s AISA project will progress the transformation of the company’s business model from selling consumables to selling solutions. It will expand the traditional division of “Coated abrasives and power tools” into “Solutions and services” enabling new business potential for the segments.

The ability to monitor processes, and to collect and analyze data from them, is used to create better algorithms and models for customer and process specific solutions. This will enable resource efficiency and help Mirka to diversify among competition on the field thus bringing a clear competitive edge. From a corporate perspective, this is an opportunity to re-evaluate and revolutionize Mirka’s business models and provide an increased level of sustainability. The AISA project also serves as a catalysator and a platform through the competencies, co-operation, and networks of expertise it offers.

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