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Top Data Science: Breaking barriers between AI exploration and AI production in businesses

Top Data Science is a team of data scientists, software and business development professionals who are enthusiastic about using AI to solve their customers’ toughest business problems. Top Data Science’s services cover the whole life cycle of AI utilization from sharing latest technology advancements to making sure that the production-grade solutions are serving the customers optimally and providing continuous business value.

Top Data Science’s biggest business segment is industrial computer vision in which they have co-innovated prize-awarded solutions that are providing value to our customers at scale. Computer vision has proven to bring significant measurable benefits especially in the areas of factory and process automation as well as quality assurance. These segments have a significant growth potential as companies are moving from AI exploration to AI in production. The business value is quantified through cost savings and productivity gains as well as more standardized, transparent, and reliable quality assurance processes.

Right AI capabilities optimally deployed

When an organization takes AI technology into production, selecting the most optimal way to deploy the solution starts to play an important role. The AISA project tackles key barriers for AI technology adoption including edge computing, system integration and interoperability. The strong consortium helps to understand what industrial AI capabilities should be deployed to edge, how that should be done, and very importantly when the market is ready to start utilizing 5G and edge AI more extensively.

For Top Data Science, the project enables building an AI technology foundation which enables faster and scalable service provision and brings the application frameworks closer to making business decisions. One of Top Data Science’s objectives in AISA is to establish such a technology foundation that enables fluent transition from cloud-based AI deployments to industry optimized cloud and edge AI deployments.. This capability supports Top Data Science’s vision to be a trusted strategic AI partner that enables scaling the AI value creation with proven results.

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