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Valmet: Practical solutions for the field service and fleet management

Valmet provides future-proof automation solutions for pulp, board, paper, tissue, nonwovens, energy, marine, and process industries. Valmet improves its customers’ results in performance and efficiency, optimized quality, reduced emissions, and cost savings offering lifetime systems compatibility and ongoing support.

In AISA, Valmet develops new industrial solutions for field service and fleet management. The aim is to utilize the latest AI technology in a practical way to boost the workflow in the field.

Up-to-date information from the devices

Valmet has built an AutoML prototype with Google. The prototype detects and classifies field devices. With the location aware AR mobile phone application or smart glasses, like Hololens2, field service will get immediate information from the devices. For example, live-values and health status can be followed on screen. Additional deep links can be used to open a spare part list or a maintenance report.

The back-end server that provides the information is based on OPC UA PA-DIM information model with extended server methods to provide device data based on location, device tag or serial number. There are multiple adapters to access OPC UA Server, like MQTT, ZEROMQ, REST API, and ROS (Robotic Operating System). These other protocols can be used in the web application or other applications with different programming languages to integrate the necessary device information.

Valmet’s solutions also include a location aware Valmet360 remote web interface with the same features as the mobile AR application to access the live data and status of the devices. Fleet management can be connected to the Valmet Industrial Internet applications to provide more extensive predictions. Valmet360 and mobile AR applications will have better and faster responses with the Nokia 5G private network and indoor location accuracy.

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