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Verne Global Finland: A shift towards distributed computing and networking infrastructure

Verne Global Finland delivers sustainable data center solutions that enable organizations to cost-effectively scale their digital infrastructure while reducing their environmental impact. The company is one of the largest data center providers in Finland offering services like hyperscale, HPC and enterprise colocation, cloud infrastructure, cloud networking, and hybrid cloud management.

The focus for Verne Global Finland is to research high-performance computing and various edge computing scenarios in the Industry 4.0 context and gain understanding of AI, IoT and 5G technologies. Being part of the AISA consortium gives valuable insight into new technologies and helps to understand future needs in terms of high-performance and edge computing. This strengthens Verne Global Finland’s ability to cater for new customer needs and new services as well as to use innovative techniques in the fast-evolving data center business.

Growing demand for centralized high-performance computing

As a data center service provider Verne Global Finland has witnessed the growing demand for centralized high-performance computing due to increased use of AI and intelligent systems. Distributed data processing and computation needs at the edge are a shift from the traditional central computation towards distributed computing and networking infrastructure at data centers.

The research focuses on different edge architectures and connectivity solutions through different use cases. The capabilities of 5G networks will also be studied in collaboration with AISA consortium partners. A wider study is performed on the formation of the Industry 4.0 ecosystem and the competitive environment and opportunities it brings for the different stakeholders in the long run.

Additional goals include creating a study on the environmental effects of resource-intensive edge and AI-computing, with a focus on electricity, cooling, and CO2 emissions. AI-based monitoring of data centers is also studied as there is great potential to reduce environmental impacts by optimizing cooling and the reuse of heat. Providing environmentally friendly infrastructure services is at the heart of Verne Global Finland’s operations.

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